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passion for wine

Challenging the traditions of the wine industry


"Wine is bottled poetry" - Clifton Fadiman

Ropero Wines is a wine consulting company that helps the wine business create and market quality wines by adding value to each stage of the process. According to your company's needs and signature, we can draw and plan a cutting-edge strategy for your Vineyard, Winemaking, Production Process, Market, and Branding.



With over ten years of experience and know-how, Ropero Wines propose to winemakers and wine business owners to improve their production process and is ready to take your product and brand to the next level. 

We are driven by a magical passion for the world of wine and its fascinating way to reach the most pleasant result: the finest wine with identity in its flavor and signature in its bottle. Life is to be tasted and shared just like wine.


"Juan is a very ambitious and precise winemaker; goal-oriented, determined and organized. He is well aware of industry standards and trends. His knowledge of the craft results in flawless technical wines within a set economic framework. His passion for the product makes him run the extra mile. For Chateau Amsterdam, Juan helps to professionalize the company in many ways: set up the winery, production processes, administration, lab work, and safety & hygiene measurements for our personnel. Juan has a strong character. He takes his job seriously; you can count on him, and you can laugh with him, but only after the work is done."

Remy Harrewijn, Chateau Amsterdam

Remy Harrewijn, Chateau Amsterdam


Juan Manuel Ropero had a successful and awarded participation in 12 harvests with Premium category wines in 4 of the most recognized countries in the world wine industry: Argentina, Australia, France, and the United States.​

Later, at the Atlantic Sea Board Wine Competition in the United States of America, in partnership with the Paradocx Vineyard Winery:

  • Gold medal - Sweet rosé wine, "Catawba Paradocx Vineyard (2018)"

  • Bronze medal - Red wine, Merlot 2017 "Paradocx Vineyard (2017)"

  • Bronze medal - Rosé wine, "Viva La Rosa 2017 Paradocx Vineyard (2018)"


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